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  1. Where are phosphates normally attached to nucleotides?
    C5' hydroxyl of the ribose or deoxyribose sugar
  2. What is the counterion of nucleotides in the cell?
  3. What nucleoside is caffine a competetive inhibitor of?
  4. When is de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides active?
    all the time (especially during DNA replication)
  5. Where are purines synthesized?
    in the cytosol of the liver
  6. Where does the salvage pathway for purine nucleotides usually take place?
    primarily in extrahepatic tissues
  7. What does the degredation of puring nucleotides make?
    Uric adic
  8. What is urea a product of?
    amino acid catabolism
  9. What are the precursors for de novo synthesis?
    PRPP, glycine, aspartate, glutamine, folate, and CO2
  10. What reaction to base specific nucleoside monophosphate kinases catalyze?
    NMP to NDP
  11. what reaction do nucleoside diphosphate kinase catalyze?
    NDP to NTP
  12. What is the enzyme used for the salvage pathway of purines nucleotides?
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