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  1. Cycladian Figure, Minoan, c2600 BCE
  2. Kamares Ware Jug, Minoan, c2000 BCE
  3. Bull Leaping, Minoan, c1550 BCE
  4. Woman/ Goddess with Snakes, Minoan, c1700 BCE
  5. Harvester Rhyton, Minoan, c1650 BCE
  6. Bulls Head Rhyton, Minoan, c1550 BCE
  7. Octopus Flask, Minoan, c1500
  8. Vepheio Cup, Greece, c1650
  9. Mask of Agamemnon, Mycenaen, c1600 BCE
  10. Lion Gate, Mycenaen, c1250 BCE
  11. Warrior Krater, Mycenaen, c1300 BCE
  12. Exekias, Ajax and Achilles Playing a Game, Greek, c540 BCE
  13. Funerary Krater, Greek, c750 BCE
  14. Man and Centaur, Greek, c750BCE
  15. Olpe, c650, Greece
  16. Battle Between the Gods and The Titans, Greek, c530 BCE
  17. Dying Warrior, West Pediment of Temple of Aphaia, Greek, c500 BCE
  18. Dying Warrior, East Pediment of Temple of Aphaia, Greek, c480 BCE
  19. Metropolitan Kouros, Greek, c600 BCE
  20. Berlin Kore, Greek, c570 BCE
  21. Anavysos Kouros, Greek, c530 BCE
  22. Peplos Kore, Greek, c530 BCE
  23. Kritios Boy, Greek, c480 BCE
  24. Diver, Rome, c480 BCE
  25. A Bronze Foundry, Greek, c490 BCE
  26. Charioteer, Greek, c470 BCE
  27. Riace Warrior, Greek, c480 BCE
  28. Youth Pouring Wine into Kylix of Companion, Greek, c480 BCE
  29. Grave Stele of Little Girl, Greek, c450 BCE
  30. Lysippos, Man Scraping Himself, Greek, c350 BCE
  31. Dying Gallic Trumpeter, Greek, c220 BCE
  32. Pergamon, Greek, c175 BCE
  33. Athena Attacking the Giants, Greek from Pergamon, c175
  34. Laocoon and His Sons, Greek, c150 BCE
  35. Nike of Samothrace, Greek, c280 BCE
  36. Aphrodite of Melos, Greek, c150 BCE
  37. Head of Man/ Brutus, Roman, c300 BCE
  38. Portrait Head of an Elder, Roman, c80 BCE

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