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  1. What are the four characteristics of services and what are the implications for the marketer?
    • Services are Intangible, Inseparable, Heterogenous, & Perishable.
    • Intangible: difficult for marketers to communicate benefits
    • Inseparable: dependent on employees due to consumers' sumultaneous involvement with production
    • Heterogeneity: importance of consistency and reliability
    • Perishability: challenge is to synchronize supply and demand
  2. What are the differences between Search, Experience & Credence Qualities?
    • Search Quality: a characteristic that can easily be assessed before purchase (color)
    • Experience Quality: characteristic that can only be assessed after use (dining out)
    • Credence Quality: difficult to assess even after use due to lack of knowledge (medical services)
  3. What are the 5 components by which customers evaluate Service Quality?
    • Reliability: **most important to customers** ability to perform the service dependably, accurately & consistently
    • Responsiveness: ability to provide prompt service
    • Assurance: the knowledge & courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust
    • Empathy: caring, individualized attention to customers
    • Tangibles: the physical evidence of the service
  4. What is the Gap Model and what are the 5 Gaps included?
    • The Gap Model details the 5 gaps that can cause problems in service delivery and influence customer evaluations of service quality:
    • What customers want and what mgmnt thinks customers want
    • What mgmnt thinks customers want and the quality specifications that mgmnt develops to provide the service
    • The quality specifications and the service that is actually provided
    • What the company provides and what the customer is told it provides
    • The service that customers receive and the service that they want

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Mktg Exam Ch12

Mktg Exam Ch12
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