Greek:English Duff Chpt 19

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  1. διδωμι
    I give
  2. ἀποδιδωμι
    I give away
  3. παραδιδωμι
    I hand over, entrust, I betray
  4. ἱστημι
    I cause to stand, stand
  5. ἀνιστημι
    I raise
  6. παριστημι
    I place beside
  7. τιθημι
    I put, place
  8. ἐπιτιθημι
    I put, place upon
  9. ἀφιημι
    I leave, forgive, dismiss
  10. συνιημι
    I understand
  11. απολλυμι
    I ruin, destroy
  12. δεικνυμι
    I point out, show
  13. πιμπλημι
    I fulfil
  14. φημι
    I say
  15. δικαιοω
    I justify
  16. πληροω
    I fulfil, fill, complete
  17. σταυροω
    I crucify
  18. ἀγαπαω
    I love
  19. γενναω
    I bear (beget)
  20. διψαω
    I thirst (for)
  21. ἐρωταω
    I ask
  22. ἐπερωταω
    I ask (for)
  23. ζαω
    I live
  24. ἰαομαι
    I heal
  25. κοπιαω
    I labour
  26. νικαω
    I overcome
  27. πειναω
    I hunger
  28. πλαναω
    I deceive, lead astray
  29. τιμαω
    I honour, value
  30. ἐπιτιμαω
    I rebuke
  31. τελειοω
    I accomplish, complete
  32. φανεροω
    I reveal, make known

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Greek:English Duff Chpt 19
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