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  1. AT&T
    Technology firm that understood the need for cooperation between big business and government
  2. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
    Major American railroad network; replaced a meager 15,000 tons of steel in rails in 1931, demonstrating the decrease in private investment
  3. Bank of United States
    Large bank that held the savings of many Jewish immigrants; its December 1930 failure triggered mass panic due to its name, which made it sound like an official part of the American government
  4. Bethlehem Steel
    Lender that was part of the group to which brokers owed $6.6 billion by October 1929
  5. Caldwell and Company
    Holding company located in Nashville; became insolvent in late 1930, triggering another bank panic
  6. CBS
    Media company that offered Charles Edward Coughlin a nationally broadcasted radio show
  7. Chevrolet
    Type of car produced by General Motors; manufactured at a body plant in Flint, Michigan, at which workers organized a successful sitdown strike
  8. Chrysler Corporation
    Automobile manufacturer; lender that was part of the group to which brokers owed $6.6 billion by October 1929
  9. Eastman Kodak
    Company in Rochester, New York that managed its own welfare program in order to keep workers from joining unions
  10. Federal National Mortgage Association
    Organization that specialized in real estate loans right when the post-World War II housing boom triggered a surge in demand for longterm mortgages
  11. General Motors
    Automobile company that offered the United Automobile Workers a contract with cost-of-living adjustments; recognized the United Automobile Workers in December 1936 after a sit-down strike
  12. Goldman & Sachs Trading Corporation
    Investment firm that provided professionally managed portfolios
  13. IBM
    Technology firm that understood the need for cooperation between big business and government
  14. J.P. Morgan & Co.
    Company that organized a $20 million buying pool to stop the rapid decline in stock prices in late 1929
  15. Jones & Laughlin Steel Co.
    Third largest American steel producer that participated in the court case that established the constitutionality of the Wagner Act
  16. Kreditanstalt
    Significant Vienna bank that closed in May 1931, exacerbating the economic crisis
  17. Levitt and Sons
    Construction company that used World War II mass production methods to construct houses for war industry employees
  18. Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith
    Investment firm founded by Charles Merrill
  19. MGM
    Media company that earned a fortune by producing nine movies about the Hardy family between 1936 and 1940
  20. National City Bank
    Bank that employed Charles A. Mitchell; its stocks plummeted in late 1929 despite a $20 million buying pool
  21. Organized Unemployed Inc.
    Group established in a former female high school in 1932; mobilizedthe unemployed to make clothing, construct shelters, and prepare produce
  22. Pennsylvania Railroad
    Private corporation that offered land to jobless Americans for cultivation
  23. Republic Steel
    Company whose unionized workers held a Memorial Day picnic that was disrupted by Chicago police in the Memorial Day Massacre
  24. Schechter Poultry Corporation
    Business featured in A.L.A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States; a kosher poultry store in Brooklyn, New York accused of violating the National Recovery Agency live poultry code
  25. Standard Oil
    Oil-selling company owned by the Rockefellers: lender that was part of the group to which brokers owed $6.6 billion by October 1929
  26. U.S. Steel Corporation
    Company that successfully crippled unionization in the steel industry until March 1, 1937, when it formally recognized the United Steelworkers as the official collective bargaining representative for labor
  27. United States Bank
    Central bank against which Andrew Jackson fought in the 1830s

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