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  1. a vasopressor substance produced when renin is released by the kidneys is called:
  2. physiologically INACTIVE for or angiotensin
    angiotensin I
  3. ACTIVE form of angiotensin
    angiotensin II
  4. reduces blood pressure, causes vasodilation is called:
    angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) is also a angiotensin II blockers
  5. angiotensin II stimulates sodium reabsorption, causes vasoconstriction and stimulates:
    aldosterone secretion
  6. right heart failure has what type of edema:
    peripheral edema
  7. left heart failure has what type of edema
    pulmonary edema
  8. typical signs and symptoms of CHF
    • dyspnea
    • adventitious b/s ins-exp
    • cough
    • red exercise tolerance
    • anxiety
    • delirium
    • orthopnea
    • cyanosis
    • cool skin
    • tachycardia
  9. typical signs and symptoms of Cor Pulmonale
    • distended jugular viens
    • abdominal distention
    • peripheral edema
  10. xray that shows a butterfly or batwing is which type of heart failure?
  11. xray that shows cardiomegaly is which type of heart failure?
    cor pulmonale
  12. lab findings for cor pulmonale
    • increased hematocrit
    • increased hemoglobin
  13. lab findings for CHF
    elevated atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP)
  14. hemodynamic values for CHF
    • increased PCWP pulm cap wedge pressure
    • -wedge is always pictured on the left side of the heart

    PAP pulm arterial pressure NORMAL

    CVP central venous pressure NORMAL
  15. hemodynamic values for Cor Pulmonale
    pcwp NORMAL

    pap and cvp ELEVATED
  16. 4 vasodilators to treat CHF
    • morphine
    • adrenergic blockers
    • angiotensin II blockers
    • calcium channel blockers
  17. perpheral vasodilator is what type of drug?
  18. decreases vasoconstrictive effects of norepeniphrine is what type of drugs:
    adrenergic blockers
  19. reduces blood pressure, causes vasodilation ace inhibitor is what type of drug?
    angiotensin II blockers
  20. diltiazem, cardizm inhibits the action of vasoconstriction mechanisms help control tachy arrythmias is what type of drug?
    calcium channel blockers
  21. what type of oxygen therapy to treat CHF
    • CPAP
    • BIPAP
    • Intubation and controlled mechanical ventilation w/ addition of PEEP
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