Urinary System 3

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    1) what is number 1?
    2) what is number 2?
    • 1) renal capsule
    • 2) renal cortex
  2. proximal convoluted tubule function?
    absorption of ions, organic molecules, vitamins, water
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    what is number 3?
    renal medulla
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    number 4?
    renal pyramid
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    number 5?
    renal pelvis
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    number 6?
    renal column
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    number 7?
    minor calyx
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    number 8?
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    papillary duct
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    papillary duct
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    papillary duct
  12. how many liters of fluid produced daily by glomeruli?
    180 liters
  13. characteristics of the glomerular filtration membrane?
    • slit membranes
    • basal laminae
    • endothelial cells
    • fenestrations
  14. list in order the blood vessels carrying blood to kidney
    • renal artery
    • interlobar artery
    • arcuate artery
    • interlobular artery
    • afferent arteriole
    • glomerulus
    • efferent arteriole
    • peritubular capillary
  15. what pressure is highest in renal corpuscle under normal condition?
    glomerular blood hydrostatic pressure
  16. what drugs promote fluid loss in urine?
  17. where does process of filtration occur?
    bowman's capsule
  18. why does an obstruction in proximal convoluted tubules decreases glomerular filtration rate ?
    hydostatic pressure in glomerular capsule increases which will decrease net filtration pressure
  19. when there is an inability for kidneys to secrete wastes in sufficient amounts to maintain homeostasis what will it eventually lead to?
    renal failure
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    what layer is this ?
    parietal layer of glomerular capsule
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    what layer?
    parietal layer
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    what layer?
    parietal layer
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    what layer?
    parietal layer
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    penile or spongy urethra
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    peritubular capillaries
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    peritubular capillary
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    peritubular capillary
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    podocyte of visceral layer
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  33. if sympathetic stimulation to afferent and efferent arterioles decreases what will happen to glomerular filtration rate?
    increase because both vessels less constricted
  34. characteristics of normal color urine?
    • amber color
    • acidic pH
    • specific gravity > 1.0
    • ammoniacal odor
  35. layer of collagen fibers covering outer surface of entire kidney?
    renal capsule
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    prostatic urethra
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    proximal convoluted tubule
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    proximal convoluted tubule
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    proximal convoluted tubule
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    RBC of glomerulus
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    renal corpuscle
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    renal cortex
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    right renal artery
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    renal artery
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    renal capsule
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    renal capsule
  47. what does juxtaglomerular apparatus do in response to drop of blood flow or pressure?
    releases renin in a drop of blood flow or pressure
  48. normal constituent of urine?
    • hydrogen ions
    • urea
    • salts
    • creatinine
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    renal capsule
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