gylys ch 9 lymph immune blood

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  1. opportunistic infection
    happens to immune-weakened person, wouldn't happen normally
  2. serum
    blood without fibrinogen. no anticoagulant. it clots.
  3. plasma
    blood WITH fibrinogen. WITH an anticoagulant. it does not clot.
  4. -phylaxis
  5. antibodies are made by
    B lymphocytes
  6. cellular immunity
    • T-cell mediated.
    • acquired
    • cytotoxic
  7. humoral immunity
    B mediated
  8. bas/o
    • basic
    • alkaline
    • not acid
  9. kary/o
  10. myel/o
    • bone marrow
    • spinal cord
  11. neutr/o
    • neutral
    • neither
  12. plas/o
    • formation, growth
    • aplastic aka hypoplastic
    • neoplastic
  13. poikil/o
    varied, irregular
  14. sider/o
  15. -globin
  16. -phoresis
    carrying, transmission
  17. allo-
    other, differing from normal
  18. aniso
    dissimilar, unequal
  19. -chromic
  20. anemia: symptom or disease?
  21. seven kinds of anemia (SHIP HAF)
    • sickle cell
    • hemolytic
    • iron-deficiency
    • pernicious

    • hemorrhagic
    • aplastic
    • folic-acid deficiency
  22. allergy
    acquired, abnormal immune response
  23. indurated
    hardened (scratch test positive response)
  24. autoimmunity
    self/nonself are not distinguished
  25. GVHR
    graft vs host reaction
  26. serology
    blood test detecting presence of antibodies, antigens, other immunes
  27. RBC indices
    calculation of size, volume, concentration of hemoglobin for an average RBC
  28. Schilling test
    to diagnose pernicious anemia
  29. sentinel node
    • first node that receives drainage from cancer
    • most likely to have malignancies
  30. anticoagulant meds: prevent clots or fix existing ones?
    prevent clots. they do NOT fix existing clots.
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