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  1. lungs that are collapsed or airless, loss of lung volume due to failure of the alveoli to properly expand.
  2. most significant factor of atelectasis
    • COPD
    • -creates the need for pre-surgical pulmonary screening for abdominal or thoracic surgical procedures
  3. 5 predisposing factors of atelectasis
    • obesity
    • old age
    • smoking history
    • anesthesia
    • history of heart or lung disease
  4. 3 types of PFT reductions
    • reduction in FRC (functional residual capacity)
    • reduction in VC (vital capacity)
    • reduction of lung compliance
  5. perfusion to affected area usually remains

    • v/q mismatching occurs
    • -perfusion w/out ventilation
    • -results in hypoxemia
  6. typical signs and symptoms of atelectasis (dependent on severity)
    • dyspnea
    • tachypnea
    • cough
    • deviation of mediastinum/trachea TOWARD affected area
    • elevation of diaphragm
    • dullness to percussion
    • accessory muscle use
  7. breath sounds heard with atelectasis
    • bronchials and diminished over affected area
    • late ins crackles - represents sudden opening of atelectasis regions
  8. mediastinal shift towards which side?
    affected side
  9. radiographic findings in atelectasis
    • inc density in areas of atelectasis
    • air bronchospasms
    • elevation of the hemidiaphragm on the affected side
  10. ABGs
    • hypoxemia
    • -causes resp alkalosis
  11. treatment for atelectasis
    • hyperinflation
    • -IS
    • -IPPB
    • -CPAP or PEP
    • -deep breathing or coughing

    • secretion removal
    • -CPT
    • -suction
    • -hydration and humidification
    • -rotating/vibrating bed
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