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  1. The verb to read; he reads
    Leer; El lee
  2. The verb to attend; I attend biology class on Monday
    asistir; yo asisto la clase de biologia lunes.
  3. The verb to share; Ella ____
    compartir; ella comparte
  4. the verb to decsribe; Nosotros ____
    describir; describimos
  5. the verb to write; ustedes ____
    escribir; escriben
  6. the verb to live; Yo____
    vivir; yo vivo
  7. the verb to believe; yo ___ en arte
    creer; yo creo en arte
  8. Verb to run; we run
    correr; nosotros corren
  9. the verb to understand; we understand spanish
    • comprendar
    • nosotros comprendamos espanol
  10. the verb to eat; we eat in the afternoon
    • comer
    • nosotros comemos por la tarde
  11. the verb to drink; he likes to drink
    • beber
    • El gusta beber
  12. The verb to learn; I learn to run easy
    • Aprender
    • Yo aprendo a correr facil
  13. In spanish say
    Do you feel like studying biology?
    Tienes ganas de estudiar biologia?
  14. In spanish say;
    I have to work on Thursdays
    Tengo que trabajar el jueves
  15. In spanish say;
    Do you feel like running?
    No, I feel like listening to music
    Tienes ganas de correr?

    No, tengo ganas de escuchar musica
  16. 9,19,29,39,49,59,109, 129 in spanish
    • nueve
    • diecinueve
    • veintinueve
    • treinta y nueve
    • cuarenta y nueve
    • cincuenta y nueva
    • cien nueve
    • ciento veintinueve
  17. adjective red-haired
  18. adj. Old
  19. step-brother/ step-sister
    • hermanastro
    • hermanastra
  20. twin
  21. stepson/ stepdaughter
    • el hijastro
    • la hijastra
  22. hald-brother/ half-sister
    • el medio hermano
    • la media hermana
  23. stepfather
    el padrastro
  24. relatives
    los parientes
  25. where are you? in spanish
    Adonde eres?
  26. When is spanish class? In spanish
    Cuando es la clase de espanol?
  27. Who is that pretty girl?
    Quien es muchacha bonita?
  28. Why do you take sciences
    Por que tomes los ciencias?
  29. What is that backpack?
    Que es la mochila?
  30. Whos eraser is it?
    Quines borrador?
  31. Estar is used to describe? Ser is used to describe?
    • Estar: location and health
    • Ser: Identity, occupation, origin, telling time
  32. Verb to rest; El ____
    • descansar
    • el descansa
  33. Verb to carry; He carries many books.
    • llevar
    • El lleva muchos libros
  34. Verb to take/drink; He takes many clases
    • tomar
    • El tomas muchas clases
  35. To watch/look at. He looks at his schedule
    • mirar
    • El mira su horario
  36. Verb to draw; he likes to draw
    • Dibujar
    • El gusta dibujar
  37. Verb to buy; She needs to buy books
    • comprar
    • Ella necesitas comprar libros
  38. I take sciences
    Tomo los ciencias
  39. My classmate takes biology!
    Mi companera de clase tomas biologia!
  40. Verb to have dinner
    Verb to have breakfast
    • Cenar
    • Desayunar
  41. Verb to travel.
  42. When using inversion to create a question, you invert the ___ and the ___
    Verb and subject
  43. I take chemistry and biology
    Tomo quimica y biologia
  44. a man/ a women
    • el hombre
    • la mujer
  45. Im from Calgary. I am Canadian!
    Yo soy de Calgary. Soy canadiense.
  46. My friend is japonese.
    My amigo es japones/ mi amiga es japonesa
  47. I am 21 years old
    Tengo 21 anos
  48. to be (very) afraid of
    tener (mucho) miedo (de)
  49. to be hungry
    tener (mucho) hombre
  50. to be hot
    tengo calor
  51. to be cold
    tener frio
  52. to be in a hurry
    tener prisa
  53. to be right
    to be wrong
    • tener razon
    • no tener razon
  54. to be lucky
    tener suerte
  55. to be careful
    tener cuidado
  56. to be thirsty
    tener sed
  57. I feel like sleeping
    tengo ganas de dormir
  58. This land has HUGE turtles
    Las islas Galapagos
  59. Uno artisto de latinoamericanos
    Oswaldo Guayasamin
  60. Muchos turistas visitan el Ecuador cada (every) ano para hacer (to do) _____
    (el) trekking y escalar montanas
  61. The largest mountain near Quito (ecuador)
    El volcan cotopaxi
  62. The largest city (ciudad) of Ecuador
  63. Capital of Ecuador
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