Shrubs & Vines

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    American Filbert

    • nutlet surrounded by leafy bracts
    • high wildlife value, common on stony ground
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    Arrowwood Viburnum

    • Straight twig growth
    • Oval leaves, lateral veins ending in sharp teeth
    • Dark blue berries, edible
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    Black Swallow-wort

    • Twining vine
    • Dormant buds on root crown
    • Difficult to eradicate
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    • stout cane, purple colored, armed with prickles
    • black fruit, leaflets palmately arranged
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    • Tall shrub of the riparian zone
    • Opposite arrangement, 3 leaflets
    • Dry hollow with shiny brown seeds
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    Bur Cucumber

    • Twining vine
    • Palmately lobed leaves
    • Small white flowers clustered in a panicle
    • Gourd like fruit
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    Common Greenbrier

    • Parallel venation in leaves
    • Flower parts in multiples of three (6 petals)
    • Somewhat prickly stem
    • Climbs by twining
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    European Buckthorn

    • Aggressive, alien shrub takes over abandoned fields
    • Smooth gray bark with lenticles
    • Dark blue fruit
    • Leaves with arcuate venation, small teeth on margin
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    Flowering Crabapple

    • Small apple like fruit
    • NYS protected
    • Sharp, stunted branchlets mimic true thorns
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    Gray Dogwood

    • Leaves like above
    • Gray bark
    • White berries on red stalks
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    Hedge Bindweed

    • Showy pink flowers
    • Saggitate leaves
    • Twining stem
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    Highbush Blueberry

    • Tall bushy shrub of bogs
    • White tubular flowers
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    Highbush Cranberry

    • Tall wetland shrub
    • Palmately lobed leaves
    • Bright red fruits
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    Lowbush Blueberry

    • Small shrubby groundcover
    • White tubular flowers
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    Pagoda Dogwood

    • Leaves with short internodes, looking clustered
    • Greenish gray bark
    • Layered branching
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    Pink Azalea

    • NYS protected
    • Showy fragrant pink flowers, protruding stamens
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    Poison Ivy

    • 3 leaflets, shiny and red at first
    • Aerial roots
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    Purple Loosestrife

    • Showy purple spikes
    • Willow like leaves
    • Out competes cattails
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    Red Elderberry

    • Opposite arrangement, pinnately compound leaves
    • Cone shaped flower cluster
    • Warty bark
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    Red Osier Dogwood

    • Opposite arrangement, arcuate venation
    • Shiny red bark
    • White berries in a flat top cluster
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    Rugosa Rose

    • Very spiny
    • White, pink, or rose colored flowers
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    Russian Olive

    • Introduced, light gray-green foliage
    • often grows as a small tree
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    Speckled Alder

    • Wrinkled leaf surface
    • Alternate leaves, raised lenticles on bark
    • Catkins contain small seeds
    • Beavers use for lodges and dams
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    Staghorn Sumac

    • Found in temperate conditions
    • Velvet surface of twigs
    • Cut leaflets
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    Sweet Fern

    • Pinnately lobed leaves
    • Strongly scented foliage, buds and barks
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    Wild Rose

    • Native rose with 5 regular flower parts
    • Sweet brier rose (smooth stipules) Multiflora Rose (fringed stipules)
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    Witch Hazel

    • Alternate leaves, unequal leaf base, undulate margin
    • Yellow flowers in the fall as leaves drop
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