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  1. Personification
    Giving something thats not human a human trait.
  2. Hyperbole
    An extreme exageration.
  3. Simile
    A comparison of two apparently unlike things using, like, as, then, or ressembles.
  4. Metaphore
    A description of one thing as if it were another.
  5. Speaker
    Person that is saying/telling the poem.
  6. Connotation
    Meaning beyond the literal meaning.
  7. Rhyme
    Words that have the same vowel sound in the middle. (cat, bat, hat)
  8. Rhythm
    Pattern flow of beats. (the syllables)
  9. Stanza
    A group of lines together. (in prose it's a paragraph)
  10. Line
    A "sentence" in poems.
  11. Prose
    Writing that is not poetry.
  12. Verse
    Words written in lines and grouped in stanzas. Has a rhyme and rhyming pattern.
  13. Theme
    Main thing in a peom.
  14. Denotation
    Literal meaning.
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