Cultural Geography Questions

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  1. Repetitive Act

    =turns into custom later on.
  2. Contrast between folk and popular culture.
    Folk Culture: Traditional in small groups.

    Popular Culture: Large Commonalities
  3. The use of horse and by the Amish in U.S. is an ex. of:
    Relocation Diffusion of Folk Culture
  4. Rapid Diffusion of Popular Culture
    Hierarchal Diffusion
  5. Folk Custom:
    Traditions in small, isolated and rural areas.
  6. Popular Customs:
    Large Commonalities
  7. Restriction on behavior imposed by society:
  8. Building Materials & Culture
    Wood and Brick

    Physical Environment
  9. Denim Jeans
    Popular Culture
  10. Alcohol Consumption
  11. Physical environment for wine
    Soil & Climate
  12. Televisions Sets:
    Popular Culture
  13. Diffusion of popular culture can impact the environment in two ways:
    • 1. Increasing demand of Natural Resources
    • 2. More Pollution
  14. Women in LDCs with more contact of popular are more likely to:
    • Sex trafficking
    • Become objects.
  15. Golf Course per Person:
    More in north-central states

    Michigan ranked
  16. Language Spoken in a Local Area
  17. Languages share a common origin:
    Language Group
  18. Second Largest Language Family:
  19. English In North America:
    official language
  20. English in Language Family:
  21. Not a romance language...
    • Languages:
    • Spanish
    • Portugese
    • French
    • Italian
  22. Widely Spoken Indo-European Language:
  23. Two languages in South America:
    Spanish & Portugese
  24. Urdu most important language of:
    Arabic, Muslim, Quran
  25. Basque:
    Isolated language in preIndo-European in N Spain and SW France
  26. Two largest language families in the world:
    • 1. Indo-European
    • 2. Sino-Tibetan
  27. Largest language with native speakers
  28. Chinese written language:
  29. Lingua Franca
    Universal Language/English
  30. British vs. American English
    • Vocabulary
    • Spelling
    • Pronunciation
  31. Franglais
    French + English
  32. T/F Icelandic Language
  33. Large & fundamental division in religion:
  34. Small group broken away from a church:
  35. Largest universalized religion:
  36. Largest Ethnic Religion
  37. Branch of Christianity:
    • Branches:
    • Roman Catholic
    • Protestant
    • Orthodox
  38. Roman Catholics in S.W. U.S.
    Sparse, mostly Baptists
  39. Lutheranism
    Division of Protestant
  40. Dominate Branch of Islam
  41. One god
  42. Nationalities right to govern themselves
  43. Apartheid
    Physical separation of race into different areas
  44. Most African slaves:
  45. Most numerous ethnicity in U.S.
  46. Asian Americans in U.S.
    • Cluster in Western U.S.
    • -Hawaii & California
  47. Ethnic identity of European immigrants
    Diminished with communism, rising again.
  48. Separate but equal was legally established by:
    • Plessy v. Ferguson
    • Louisiana Law
    • Jim Crow Laws
  49. White Flight
    Moved out because of others(races) moving in.
  50. Groups forcibly removed:
    Ethnic Cleansing
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