chemistry terms for exam three

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  1. surroundings
    in thermodynamics, everything in the universe which exists outside the system under investigation
  2. system
    In thermodynamics, the portion of the universe which is singled out for investigtion
  3. universe
    • In thermodynamics
    • =system + surroundings
  4. standard conditions
    • 1 molar and 1 atm
    • temperature is not involved with standard conditions, unless referring to delta G of formation and then u have to use the temp ur data tabe is, u dont have to worry about that for H and S
  5. enthalpy
    the heat change at constan P involved with a reaction
  6. oxidation
    when a molecule in a reaction loses electrons
  7. reduction
    when a molecule in a reaction gains electrons
  8. redox
    • a short way of writing Oxidation Reduction reaction
    • transfer of electrons
  9. oxidizing agent
    the ion or atom that is added in order to oxidize something
  10. reducing agent
    the ion or atom that is added in order to reduce something else
  11. oxidation number
    • the charge of an atom after a pretend assignment of shared electrons
    • a way to keep track of electrons in a reaction

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