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  1. what are the three major roles of the liver in fuel metabolism to maintain?
    • 1. glucose homeostasis
    • 2. lipid homeostasis and ketone body production
    • 3. amino acid homeostasis and urea synthesis
  2. what are the three major function of the liver?
    • 1. maintaining energy homeostasis
    • 2. synthesis of plasma proteins
    • 3. detoxify and excrete many lipophilic metabolites
  3. does CPS I have a high affinity or low affinity for ammonia?
    low affinity
  4. does glutamine synthetase have a high affinity or low affinity for ammonia?
    high affinity
  5. is glutamine sythetase in the perivenous or periportal zone?
    preivenous (downstream) zone
  6. is the urea cycle in the perivenous or periportal zone?
    periportal (upstream) zone
  7. what characteristic of xenobiotics/drugs makes them favorable for absorption across biomembranes?
    they are relatively lipid-soluble/lipophilic (the same property results in very slow removal from the body because it is difficult to be secreted in urine)
  8. in what three ways are perivenous hepatocytes ideally suited for xenobiotic metabolism?
    • 1. extensive SER
    • 2. HMP shunt (supplies NADPH for drug metabolism and hydrogen peroxide reduction)
    • 3. minimal ATP

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Biochemistry of the Liver
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