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  1. Qualities of Minimalism
    • Geometric, hard edges
    • art for arts sake
    • highly formal, not interested in concept
  2. Describe Frank Stella
    Canvas cut to mimic lines of shapes
  3. Telluride-Copper Paint on Canvas by Frank Stella
  4. Lake City- Frank Stella Copper Paint on Canvas
  5. Describe Donald Judds works
    • Scientific Objects, relief sculptures portruding from the wall
  6. Seriality, what is it?
    Geometric Repetition
  7. Carl Andre, describe his work
    Started in wood, moved to bricks, then metal plates.
  8. Equivalent 8 Frank Stella 120 bricks
  9. Steel Magnesium Plain- Carl Andre Steel Magnesium Plates
  10. What did Dan Flavin generally work with?
    • flourescent bulbs
  11. Post Minimalism, describe it.
    • AKA process art
    • responds to time
    • more organic
  12. Linda Benglis, and her work.
    • Contraband, latex poured and polyurethane
    • not geometric
    • no hard edges
    • not clean and prescise

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