Abdominal wall and ribs

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  1. External oblique
    Origin: Ribs 5-12

    Insetion: Iliac crest, linea alba

    Action: Compresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes spine
  2. Internal oblique
    Origin: Iliac crest and thoracolumbar fascia

    Insetion: Linea alba, xiphoid process, inferior ribs

    Action: Extends vertebral column and rotates toward opposite side
  3. Transverse abdominis
    Origin: Iliac crest, thoacolumbar fascia and catilages of ribs 6-12

    Insetion: Linea alba, pubis

    Action: Compresses abdomen
  4. Pyramidilis
    Origin: Pubic crest anterior to origin of rectus abdominis

    Insetion: Lower linea alba

    Action: Reinforces lower rectus sheath
  5. External intercostals
    Origin: Inferior border of each rib

    Insetion: Superior border of rib below

    Action: Elevates ribs
  6. Internal intercostals
    Origin: Superior border of each rib

    Insetion: Inferior border of rib above

    Action: Depresses ribs

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Abdominal wall and ribs
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Abdominal wall ribs

Abdominal wall and ribs
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