exam II contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery

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  1. classification by nature of the fracture (4)
    • simple
    • compound
    • comminuted
    • incomplete
  2. fracture that has no communication with outside
  3. fracture that has communication with the outside
  4. fracture; shattered
  5. "greenstick" fracture; has one side of bone broken and other side bent
  6. mandibular fractures described by location
    • alveolar process
    • condyle
    • angle
    • body
    • symphysis
  7. the alveolar process does not extend to the?
    midline of the palate
  8. A horizontal fracute line that extends above the roots of teh teeth, above teh palate, acress the maxillary sinus, below the zygomatic process, and across the pterygoid plates
    Le Fort I
  9. The midface fracture extends over the middle of the nose, down the medial wall of the orbits, across the infraorbital rims, and posteriorly acress the pterygoid plates
    Le Fort II
  10. the high-level craniofacial fracture extends transversely across the bridge of teh nose, across the orbits and the zygomatic arches and across the pterygoid plates
    Le Fort III
  11. refers to the use of sugical flap procedure to expose the fracture ends and bring them together for healing
    open reduction
  12. accomplished by manipulation fo parts without surgery
    closed reduction
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