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  1. Semniotics of the Kitchen
    • by Marth Rossler Video. Study of language Kitchen Objects used violently and awkwardly. As a borderline, hazy feminist, I would not get behind this.
    • Personally.
  2. Body Art
    The Body is the site of the performance and art. Dimension of time is important.
  3. Image Upload 1
    Dennis Oppenheim Body art, Endurance and physical strain.
  4. Image Upload 2
    Vito Acconici Following Piece, Performance
  5. Image Upload 3
    Seed Bed by Vito Acconici Perfomance
  6. Image Upload 4
    Chris Burden, Shoot Performance Art. Wasn't supposed to get shot but was lmao.
  7. Image Upload 5
    Anna Mendietta Shillouettes Siluetta Series
  8. Image Upload 6
    • Adrian Piper Half black or something but could apparently pass for white and plated on that.
    • Developed the concept of other. Which, racially, genderly, or classly, is different from the mainstream.
  9. Image Upload 7
    Gilbert and george..bff forevers.
  10. Nam Jun Paik
    Video Art, Video Fish, the fish is a star!
  11. Photo Realism
    Based on Photography huper realistic painted to look like photos.
  12. Chuck Close
    Worked large, portraits, airbrushed to look just like photos. On canvas
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