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  1. Semniotics of the Kitchen
    • by Marth Rossler Video. Study of language Kitchen Objects used violently and awkwardly. As a borderline, hazy feminist, I would not get behind this.
    • Personally.
  2. Body Art
    The Body is the site of the performance and art. Dimension of time is important.
  3. Image Upload
    Dennis Oppenheim Body art, Endurance and physical strain.
  4. Image Upload
    Vito Acconici Following Piece, Performance
  5. Image Upload
    Seed Bed by Vito Acconici Perfomance
  6. Image Upload
    Chris Burden, Shoot Performance Art. Wasn't supposed to get shot but was lmao.
  7. Image Upload
    Anna Mendietta Shillouettes Siluetta Series
  8. Image Upload
    • Adrian Piper Half black or something but could apparently pass for white and plated on that.
    • Developed the concept of other. Which, racially, genderly, or classly, is different from the mainstream.
  9. Image Upload
    Gilbert and george..bff forevers.
  10. Nam Jun Paik
    Video Art, Video Fish, the fish is a star!
  11. Photo Realism
    Based on Photography huper realistic painted to look like photos.
  12. Chuck Close
    Worked large, portraits, airbrushed to look just like photos. On canvas
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