Anatomy CH. 25

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  1. Function of the resp. tract
    • Allow for exchange of gases
    • Sensation of the olfactory stimuli
    • Sound Production
    • Immune Functions
  2. Upper resp. tract
    lined with pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithilia

    • Structures
    • 1. Nose 2. Nasal Cavity
    • 3. Sinuses 4. Pharynx
  3. Lower resp. tract
    Lined with various types of epithilia

    • Structures
    • 1. Larynx 3.Bronchi
    • 2. Trachea 4. Bronchioles
    • 5. Alveoli
  4. Nose
    Structurally held up by Nasal bone and cartilage

    2 openings of nasal cavity called the nostrils
  5. Nasal Cavity
    Lateral Wall: consist of the superior, inferior and middle nasal conchae

    • under nasal conchae there are three meatus (superior, inferior, middle)
    • which are all air passageways.
  6. Sinuses
    They are continuations with Nasal Cavity

    Lined with pseudostratified columnar cilitaed epithia

    • give resonence to voice
    • help humiditify inhailed air
  7. Pharynx
    includes common passageway for food, drink, and air

    soft palate elevates during swallowing so you don't inhale your food
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