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  1. 3 principles set forth by the Belmont Report.
    • Respect for persons.
    • Principle of beneficence.
    • Principle of justice.
  2. Three key features of informed consent.
    • 1. Disclosing to potential research subjects information needed to make an informed decision.
    • 2. Facilitating the understanding of what has been disclosed.
    • 3. Promoting the voluntariness of the decision
  3. Criteria that impose a required full IRB review.
    • 1. Subjects exposed to more than minimal risk.
    • 2. Use of deception.
    • 3. Subjects in need of special protection.
  4. Five types of probability sampling.
    • 1. Simple random
    • 2. Stratified random
    • 3. Cluster
    • 4. Systematic
    • 5. Multistage
  5. Four types of non-probability sampling.
    • 1. Quota
    • 2. Accidental
    • 3. Purposive
    • 4. Snowball
  6. What sample type does the Nth element apply to?
    Systematic sample
  7. What elements are considered when deciding on sample size?
    • 1. Degree of accuracy required.
    • 2. Funds available
    • 3. Expected frequency of characteristics
    • 4. Anticipated sub classification of variables
  8. Major point of cluster sampling?
    Useful as a means of reducing travel costs in field interviewing.
  9. Explain Accidental sampling.
    "person on the street" type interviews
  10. Explain Snowballing sampling.
    Find a drug user then ask about his drug using friends.
  11. What's the most crucial step in questionnaire construction?
    Clearly formulating the research problem and the data required to speak directly to the research problem.
  12. "Many husbands kill their wife. Did you?" represents what type of technique to asking threatening questions?
    The Everybody Approach.
  13. What do pretest subjects provide the researcher?
    • 1. Critique of the instrument.
    • 2. Point out confusions or misunderstandings.
    • 3. Suggest more proper wording or issues to be explored.
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