Batch 4 Test Two

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  1. Donald Judd Relief Sculpture Metal Boxes
    • Dan Flavin
    • He works in flourescent bulb compositions
  2. Contraband, Lynda Benglis Latex n such
  3. Robert Morris
  4. Richard Sera Tilted Arc Steel
  5. Bruce Nauman
  6. Non Site earth and rocks collected from a specific area are installed in the gallery as sculptures, often combined with mirrors or glass
  7. Michael Heizer Double Negative
  8. Displaced Replaced Mass Michael Haizer
  9. Walter De Maria Lightning Field
  10. Richard longs project involves walking through nature, often collecting objects such as wood and or stone which are then composed in geometrical shapes on gallery floors
  11. James Terrel, working with Roden Crater as a space, he works in light and perception.
  12. Overlap Series
    John Baldessari
  13. Semniotics of the Kitchen
    Martha Rosler
  14. hans haacke shapolsky
  15. Richard Estes Telephone Booths Painting
  16. Marylin Vanitas Audrey Flack Photorealism Painting
  17. Duane Hanson Super realist sculptures
  18. Surrounded Islands
    Christo and Jean Claude
  19. Running Fence
    Christo and Jean Claude
  20. Collaborations with Christo and Jean Claude
    Works with beauraucrates in getting permits, constructions crews etc
  21. Alice Aycock, how to capture and manufacture ghosts metal assemblage.
  22. Gordon Matta Clark, Anarchitecture
  23. Charles Simmonds dwelling
  24. Mary Miss

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Batch 4 Test Two
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