ARTH Quiz 2-4

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    • (Left) 3 angels tell Abraham & Rebecca they will have a son
    • (Right) Abraham about to kill Isaac
    • Table is tipped up to see what is on the surface. Bread.
    • Middle Eastern hospitality
    • Back of the mosaic above
    • (Left) Abel offering sacrifice of bread/wineAltar alludes to church'saltar
    • Sacrifice moves from animal à bread/wine
    • Moses and Jeremiah receiving commandments
    • Moses cannot look at God in the face
    • Burning bush
    • Taking sandals off in holy ground (remove dead things)
    • i.e. leather (but woven materials are fine)
    • (Center) lamb or sheep wearing halo
    • Lamb of God = Jesus
    • 4 angels "holding" up ceiling
    • Jesus in center, sitting on orb (globe), scrolls in head, crown
    • 2 angels on side (like Roman attendants)
    • In Heaven (gold background)
    • (Left) St. Vitalis being given a martyr's crown
    • (Right) bishop (lacking halo) carrying model of St. Vitale Church

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