Cranial Nerves

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  1. Mneumonic
    Oh Oh Oh To Touch And Feel Very Green Vegetables Ahh Hah
  2. olfactory
    I - smell
  3. optic
    II - vision
  4. oculomotor
    III - moves eyeball, pupil size, accomodation
  5. trochlear
    IV - moves eyeball up and down
  6. trigeminal
    V - chewing, facial sensations
  7. abducens
    VI - lateral eyeball movement
  8. facial
    VII - facial muscles, saliva secretion, tears, taste (anterior tongue)
  9. vestibulcochlear (acoustic)
    VIII - hearing, equillibrium
  10. glossopharyngeal
    IX - saliva secretion, swallowing, taste (posterior tongue)
  11. vagus
    X - swallowing, vocal cord movement, GI secretions, HR, breathing
  12. accessory (spinal)
    XI - swallowing, head movements
  13. hypoglossal
    XII - swallowing, tongue movements
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Cranial Nerves
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