theory review #2 continued

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theory review #2 continued
2010-11-03 02:14:32
theory review

theory test review
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  1. during life support, how do you determine the pulse rate?
    • carotid artery
    • infant=brachial artery
  2. the airway establishment to prevent oxygen deprivation to the brain:
    • keep circulation moving
    • 6 minutes = brain damage
  3. what are the symptoms of a hypoglycemic emergency?
    • sudden onset
    • skin: moist, pale, cold
    • confused, nervous, anxious
    • bounding pulse
    • salivation
    • normal to shallow respirations
    • convulsions (late)
  4. how do you treat a conscious patient in a hypoglycemic emergency?
    • give sugar
    • observe pt 1 hour before dismissal
    • time since previous meal
    • arrange next appt following food intake
  5. what to do with an unconscious patient in a hypoglycemic emergency
    • call ems
    • supine position
    • maintain airway
    • administer oxygen with nonbreather bag
    • monitor vitals
    • administer intramuscular glucagon or intravenous glucose
  6. mild signs of airway obstruction(3)
    • good air exchange
    • couching
    • irregular breathing
  7. severe signs of airway obstruction: (5)
    • poor air exchange
    • difficulty breathing
    • unable to speak or breath
    • silent cough
    • cyanosis
  8. a state or lack of perfusion (saturation) of oxygenated blood to all cells of the brain and body. respiratory and circulatory functions ceased. turn gray, cold

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