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  1. What is the capsule surrounding the liver?
    Gibbson's capsule
  2. What do hepatocytes derive from?
  3. Where do blood and bile flow in classic lobule?
    • Blood = center of lobule
    • Bile = to periphery
  4. Where do blood and bile flow in portal lobule?
    • Blood = outer CV
    • Bile = Center to portal triad
  5. What is the oxygen level at Periportal and Perivenous areas of hepatocytes?
    • Periportal = high, around portal triad
    • Perivenous = low, around central vein
  6. Where are Ito cells found and what do they contain?
    • Found = space of Disse
    • Store = fat and Vitamin A
  7. What are the two most important functions of the liver?
    • Glucose
    • Bile
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