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  1. 31 dens dentis
    • Tooth (Latin)
    • Dent- too like notch in gears
    • Dentist- tooth doctor
    • Indent- set a line of print in from the margin
  2. 32 corpus corporis
    • body (Latin)
    • corporea- pertaining to the body
    • corps- military division organized as a body
    • corps- dead body
  3. 33 unus
    • one (Latin)
    • unit- part of a series or of a whole
    • union- act of making one out of many
    • universe- star galaxy which turns as one entity
  4. 34 duo
    • two (Latin)
    • duet- music played or sung by two people
    • duplicate- make a second copy
    • dubious- “of two minds”- doubtful
  5. 35 tres
    • three (Latin)
    • trio- three acting or performing together
    • tricycle- 3 wheeled
    • triceratops- 3 horned face
    • tribe- early rome was divided into 3 family social groups, or clans, called tribes
  6. 36 quattuor
    • four (Latin)
    • quadruped- four footed animal
    • quadrilateral- having four sides
  7. 37 quinque
    • five (Latin)
    • quinquennial- five year period or celebration
    • quinquagenarian- person in their 50s
  8. 38 sex
    • six (Latin)
    • sexennial- six year period or celebration
    • (Note: English sex not meaning six comes from seco, secare to cut or divide; mankind is divided into two kinds, male and female
  9. 39 septem
    • seven (Latin)
    • September- seventh month in the Roman calendar
    • Septennial- seven year period or celebration
    • Septangle- a plane figure with seven sides and seven angles
  10. 40 octo
    • Eight (Latin)
    • October- eighth month in the Roman calendar
    • Octopus- eight footed ocean creature
    • Octagon- figure with eight sides and eight corners or angles
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