tree species

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  1. native larges willow, several trunks
    alternate leaves fine toothing
    prevent erosion in riverbanks
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    trembling aspen

    • petiole flate and stiff
    • bark greenish in color
    • leading pulp wood tree in country
    • preferred species to the beaver
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    big tooth aspen

    • pioneer species
    • photosynthetic bark
    • found in forest
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    eastern cottonwood

    • longest lived and largest in its genus
    • found in flood plain & lake shores
    • irregular tree form, leaves broad triangle shape
    • pointed at end & toothed flowering catkins
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    lombardy poplar

    • used as windbreaks, narrow upright growth form
    • diamond shaped leaves used ornamentaly
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    sweet gum

    • alternate leaf arrangement
    • star like leaves with furrowed bark
    • same family as witch hazel
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    • palmately lobed leaves, alternate
    • camoflouge bark
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    wild black cherry

    • top dollar tree in nys
    • alternate leaves that are lancelot
    • burnt potatoe chip bark
    • white flowers black fruit
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    sweet cherry

    • obovate leaves, fruits sweet and edible
    • smooth bark glands at the petiole
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    • small tree in open areas
    • apple like fruit thorns 3 inches long
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    common apple

    fuzzy leaves and petiole
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    downy serviceberry

    • first fruit available to wildlife
    • smooth bark, gray with verticle stripes
    • alternate ovate leaves
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    american mountain ash

    • pinnately compound leaves
    • shiny red fruits
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    honey locust

    branched thorns, spiral pods, twice pinnately compound leaves
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    kentucky coffee tree

    • short fat pods, compound leaves
    • furrowed bark
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    red bud

    • heart shaped leaves, atlantic coastal plain
    • flowers very early
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    chinese sumac

    • stout growth, lots of pith
    • tree of heaven, smooth bark
    • waffeling pattern rounded glands on leaflets
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    sugar maple

    • nys tree shade tolerant
    • self perpetuating
    • palmately lobed leaves
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    silver maple

    • flower very early in season, deep sinus
    • palmately lobed leaves, silver on backside
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    red maple

    variable bark, swirl to finger print pattern
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    ash leaved maple

    • flood plain, wood is extremely brittle
    • narrow v shaped scales, compound leaves
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