Scene Issues, Validation of Death, Identification and Photography

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  1. scene safety rules
    do not enter a scene unless it is declared safe

    find out who is in charge of the scene

    be aware of physical chemical and biological hazards
  2. What are two major scene security elements ?
    1. establishing a perimeter of the scene

    2. removing unauthorized people from the area (accomplished with law enforcement help)
  3. What are the human identification status? Three given in lecture
    1. unidentified

    2. presumptive or tentative identification

    3. positive identification
  4. presumptive identification
    most common used

    subjective if people like alike

    scars, marks or tattoos may/ may not be consider positive identifications
  5. What is presumptive identification acceptable?
    If the body is found in a familiar surroundings and there is no reason to question the identification,

    if photo ID is supplied
  6. scientific methods of identification
    finger prints are the most common scientific form of identification
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Scene Issues, Validation of Death, Identification and Photography
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