Nut Trees

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  1. bitternut hickory

    • nut is somewhat heart shaped
    • 9-11 leaflets does not have shaggy bark
    • catkins produced early in the season
  2. pecan tree
  3. butternut tree

    • oblong fruit, sticky oily hairs on fruit and stem
    • light gray bark that is furrowed
  4. black walnut

    • intolerant to shade, gives off chemicals in the ground
    • pinnately compound leaves, furrowed bark with
    • horizontal cross sections
  5. shagbark hickory

    • wood is hard dense and flexible, 5 leaflets
    • bark has large flaying plates, tree irregular shape
    • fruit is split top to bottom
  6. pignut hickory
  7. yellow birch

    • foothills of the adirondaks, slivery to bronzy color bark
    • peels away like a ribbon, in beech family
    • simple leaved doubly toothed
  8. black birch

    • tears in bark when they get older
    • twigs have wintergreen flavor
    • doubly toothed
  9. paper birch

    • chalky white bark, orange color inner bark
    • shade intolerant, used to make spindles
    • tooth pics etc. bark is waterproof good fire starter
  10. gray birch

    • bark is chalky white with black triangles
    • long pointed leaves
  11. american hornbeam

    • small tree of moist soils
    • good firewood
  12. american hopbeam

    • shade tolerant, wood tough strong and durable
    • fine shaggy bark inflated fruit
  13. american chestnut

    • prolific bearer of nuts, very important tree for wildlife
    • important hardwood timber tree, the American Chestnut is highly susceptible to chestnut blight
  14. American beech

    • silver gray bark, leaves dark green, simple
    • small teeth. monoecious fruit small angled nut
    • important tree in forestry

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Nut Trees
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Nut Trees
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