oak family

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    red oak

    • high value wood, bark is reddish-gray brown
    • with broad thin rounded ridges, shiny stripes down center
    • leaves alternate, 7-9 lobes and oblong-ovate
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    black oak

    • leaves are alternate, bristle tipped lobes
    • shiny deep green, u shaped sinus
    • inner bark yellow pigment, bud velvety covered with hairs
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    bur oak

    • massive oak, slow growing
    • bark medium gray and furrowed & rugged
    • leaves broad, variable shaped lobed margin
    • ornamental tree, wood marketed as white oak
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    chestnut oak

    • massively ridged dark gray-brown bark
    • whitened undersides on leaves
    • found around rocky ridges
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    swamp white oak

    • survive variety of habitats
    • good lumber production, 5-7 lobed broad leaves
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    american elm

    • affected by dutch elm disease, hard tree
    • leaves alternate, double serrate, oblique base
    • male and female parts
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    slippery elm

    • bark is reddish brown
    • leaves rough texture double serrate oblique base
    • hairs on buds and twigs, winged samara
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    • leaves alternate, simple ovate serrated margins
    • dry by sugary sweet berries, monoecious flowers
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    osage orange

    • fruit roughly spherical but bumpy, faint
    • orange smell, bark deeply furrowed leaves
    • simple oval and alternate
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    striped maple

    • cold tolerant, higher elevations
    • photosynthetic bark
    • 3 pointed leaves
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    norway maple

    7 lobed leaves, samaras opposite each other
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