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  1. venir
    to come
  2. almorzar
    to have lunch
  3. descansar
    to rest
  4. dormir
    to sleep
  5. dormir la siesta
    to take a nap
  6. empender (ie)
    to understand
  7. entendar (ie)
    to understand
  8. hacer
    to do/make
  9. hacer ejercicio
    to exercise
  10. hacer un viaje
    to take a trip
  11. hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  12. jugar (ue)
    to play sport
  13. oir
    to hear/listen
  14. pedir
    to ask for/orders
  15. pensar (ie)
    to think about
  16. poner
    to put/place
  17. salir
    to leave/go out
  18. traer (ai)
    to bring
  19. ver
    to see
  20. volver (ue)
    to return
  21. afeitarse (me, te, se)
    to shave
  22. banarse
    to take a bath
  23. cepillarse los dientes
    to brush teeth
  24. despertarse
    to wake up
  25. dormirse
    to fall asleep
  26. ducharse
    to take a shower
  27. levantarse
    to get up/stand up
  28. llamarse
    to be called
  29. peinarse
    to brush hair
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