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  1. horse chestnut

    • spiny husk and stout twig
    • opposite leaf arrangement with a palmately compound leaf
    • clusters of white flowers subject to early diseases "early leaf drop"
  2. american basswood

    • heart shaped leaves with toothing
    • bract with berries, soft wood, not commerically valuable
    • good for carving inner bark fiberous and stringy
    • parallel vertical furrows
  3. flowering dogwood

    reptillian bark, have bracts that look like petals
  4. white ash

    • opposite leaves, pinnately compound usually 7 leaflets
    • upland species, diamond shaped furrow pattern, use wood
    • to make baseball bats, ladders and great firewood
  5. red ash

    • looks very similar to white ash
    • grows in wetland, leaf scar semi circular
    • has fuzz AKA green ash
  6. black ash

    • more leaflets, circular scar, leaflets directly attached
    • soft bark
  7. eastern catalpa

    • 3 leaves produced at 1 node
    • long narrow pencil shaped pods
    • heart shaped leaves, no toothing

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