health care careers test

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  1. what are HOE programs?
    health occupations education program
  2. associate's degree
    • vocational - technical school
    • community college
    • 2 years of study
  3. bachelor's degree
    • college
    • university
    • 4 years of study
  4. master's degree
    • college
    • university
    • 1 or more years of study beyond bachelor's degree
  5. doctorate
    • college
    • university
    • 2 or more years of study beyond bachelor's/master's degree
  6. certification
    the issuing of a certificate to a person who has met the requirements of edication and/or experience
  7. registration
    a regulatory in a given health care examns and/or exerience
  8. licensure
    process where a government agency authorizes individuals to work in a given occupation
  9. theraputic cluster
    changing the health status of the client over time

    • EX:
    • athletic trainer
    • chiropracter
    • dietitian
  10. diagnostic cluster
    creating a picture of the health status of the client at a single point in time

    • EX:
    • genetic counselor
    • phlebotomist
    • sonographer
  11. information services cluster
    the documentation of client care

    • EX:
    • biomedical writer
    • health educator
    • insurance processer
  12. environmental services cluster
    creating a theraputic environment to provide direcr or indirect client care

    • EX:
    • biomedical engineer
    • housekeeping worker
    • sanitary manager
  13. name 4 reasons why there are so many job opportunities in health care
    • aging population
    • new forms of information technology
    • need for multi-skilled health care workers
    • move toward a preventative and primary care
  14. dentist
    edu: doctor of dental surgery

    usually create their own buisness

    examine teeth and mouth tissues to diagnose and treat disease and abnormalities

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