Chapter 6

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  1. Define coordinated school health program.
    (CSHP) an organized set of policies, procedures, and activities designed to protect, promote, and improve the health and well-being of students and staff, thus improving a student's ability to learn. It includes, but is not limited to,
  2. Define school health council
    Individuals from a school or school district and its community who work together to provide advice on aspects of the school health program
  3. List the ideal members of a school health council.
    • Representation from
    • administrators
    • Food service workers
    • Counseling personnel
    • Maintenance workers
    • Medical personnel (especially a school nurse and school physicians)
    • Social workers
    • Parents and other caregivers
    • Students
    • Teachers (especially those who teach health,physical education, and consumer science classes)
    • Personnel from appropriate community health agencies
  4. Explain why a school health program is important
    Though the primary responsibility for the health of school-aged children lies with parents/guardians the school have immeasurable potential for affecting the health of children, their families, and the health community
  5. Identify the major foundation of a coordinated school health program
    • 1. A school administration that supports such as effort
    • 2. A well-organized school health council that is genuinely interested in providing a coordinated program for the student
    • 3. Written school health policies.
  6. Define written school health policies and explain their importance to the school health program written statements that describe the nature and procedures of a school health program
    • -Provides a framework
    • - describes the nature of the program and the procedure for its implementation to those outside the program
  7. Explain processes for developing and implementing school health policies
    the developing of a set of written policies is not an easy task. This challenging and time consuming task should be executed by the school health council , because the council includes those most knowledgeable about the school health program in addition to representing many different constituencies in the school community.

    • *Where is approval needed
    • 1. The school districts medical advisor
    • 2. The school administration
    • 3. The board of education
  8. Explain processes for developing and implementing school health policies
    • 1. Identify the policy development team
    • 2. Assess the districts needs
    • 3.prioritize needs and develop an action plan
    • 4. Draft a policy
    • awareness and support
    • 6. Adopt and implement the policy
    • 7. Maintain, measure, and evaluate
  9. List the 8 components of a coordinated school health program
    • Health education
    • Physical education
    • Health services
    • Nutrition Services
    • Counseling, psychological, & social services.
    • Healthy school environment
    • Health promotion for staff
    • Family/community involvement
  10. Describe the role of the school health coordinator
    • -Assessing the local needs for and status of
    • health education
    • -Articulating the importance of and gaining support for school health programs
    • with the school and community
    • -providing leadership for the school health program team to ensure a
    • coordinated approach and for the community-represented school health council
    • -Planning effective school health instruction based on a K-12 sequential
    • framework
    • -Identifying current school health-related funding streams and coordinating
    • with the school health program council to maximize usage
    • -Planning for and providing access to school health professional preparation
    • opportunities
    • -Assisting with the identification, evaluation, and selection of resources
    • -Providing assistance in designing and evaluation the different components of
    • school health programs
  11. Identify those services offered as part of school health services and explain why school are logical places to offer such services
    • Services provided for students to appraise,
    • protect, and promote health
    • Ex. Health appraisals (screening and examination)
    • Emergency care for injury and sudden illness
    • Management of chronic disease
    • Prevention and control of communicable disease
    • Provision for special needs students
    • Health advising
    • Remediation of detected health problems

    • *Equitability, breadth of coverage, confidentiality, user friendliness,
    • convenience
  12. Explain what is meant by a health school environment and discuss the two major environments The promotion, maintenance, and utilization of safe and wholesome surroundings in a school.
    Provides a safe- both physically and emotionally- learning environment
  13. Define school health education
    • The development , delivery, and evaluation of a
    • planned curriculum, K-12
  14. Identify the eight national health education standards
    • 1. Students will comprehend concepts related to health
    • promotion and disease prevention to enhance health
    • 2. Students will analyze the influence of family, peer, culture, media,
    • technology, and other factor on health behaviors
    • 3. Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information and
    • products and services to enhance health
    • 4 students will demonstrate the ability use interpersonal communication
    • skill to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risk
    • 5. Students will demonstrate the ability to use decision making skills to
    • enhance health
    • 6. Students will demonstrate the ability to use goal setting to enhance health
    • 7. Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors
    • to avoid or reduce health risks
    • 8. Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and
    • community health
  15. Explained how a health educator could locate credible health education curricula
  16. Identify and briefly explain four issues that are faced by school health advocates
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