spanish verb definitions I

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  1. Amar
    to love
  2. Andar
    to walk
  3. Bailar
    to dance
  4. Buscar
    to look for

    to search for
  5. Caminar
    to walk
  6. Cantar
    to sing
  7. Comprar
    to buy
  8. Entrar (en)
    to enter (into)
  9. Escuchar
    to listen (to)
  10. Esperar
    to hope

    to wait (for)
  11. Estudiar
    to study
  12. Hablar
    to speak

    to tell
  13. Llegar
    to arrive
  14. Llevar
    to wear

    to carry
  15. Mirar
    to watch

    to look at
  16. Pagar
    to pay (for)
  17. Practicar
    to practice
  18. Preparar
    to prepare
  19. Tocar
    to touch

    to play (an instrument)
  20. Tomar
    to take
  21. Trabajar
    to work
  22. Aprender
    to learn
  23. Beber
    to drink
  24. Comer
    to eat
  25. Cometar (un error)
    to make (a mistake)
  26. Comprender
    to understand
  27. Correr
    to run
  28. Creer
    to believe
  29. Deber
    to owe
  30. Leer
    to read
  31. Meter (en)
    to put (into)
  32. Poseer
    to possess

    to own
  33. Romper
    to break
  34. Temer
    to fear

    to dread
  35. Vender
    to sell
  36. Abrir
    to open
  37. Admitir
    to admit
  38. Asistir (a)
    to attend
  39. Cubir
    to cover
  40. Decidir
    to decide
  41. Describir
    to describe
  42. Descubrir
    to discover
  43. Discutir
    to discuss
  44. Escribir
    to write
  45. Existir
    to exist
  46. Permitir
    to permit
  47. Recibir
    to recieve

    to welcome
  48. Subir
    to climb

    to go up
  49. Sufrir
    to suffer
  50. Unir
    to unite
  51. Vivir
    to live
  52. Ser
    to be (permanently)
  53. Estar
    to be (temporarily)
  54. Tener
    to have
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