Stem Changing Verbs

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  1. to get dressed
    vestirse (e-i)
  2. to go to bed
    acostar (o-ue)
  3. to sit down
    sentarse (e-ie)
  4. to close, shut
    cerrar (e-ie)
  5. to begin, start
    comenzar (e-ie)
  6. to wake up
    despertar (e-ie)
  7. to think
    pensar (e-ie) (wont make a sentence subjunctive)
  8. to break
    quebrar (e-ie)
  9. to defend
    defender (e-ie)
  10. to descend, go down
    descender (e-ie)
  11. to light, to turn on
    encender (e-ie)
  12. to understand
    entender (e-ie)
  13. to lose, to miss (a bus)
    perder (e-ie)
  14. to want, to like, love
    querer (e-ie)
  15. to warn, advise
    advertir (e-ie)
  16. to lie
    mentir (e-ie)
  17. to prefer
    preferir (e-ie)
  18. to feel, to be sorry
    sentir (e-ie)
  19. to have lunch
    almorzar (o-ue)
  20. to tell, relate
    contar (o-ue)
  21. to cost
    costar (o-ue)
  22. to find, to meet
    encontrar (o-ue)
  23. to show
    mostrar (o-ue)
  24. to try, to taste
    probar (o-ue)
  25. to remember
    recordar (o-ue)
  26. to ring, sound
    sonar (o-ue)
  27. to dream
    soñar (o-ue)
  28. to return, give back
    devolver (o-ue)
  29. to move
    mover (o-ue)
  30. to smell
    oler (o-ue) (o-hue)
  31. to be able to, can
    poder (o-ue)
  32. to solve
    resolver (o-ue)
  33. to be used to, accustomed to
    soler (o-ue)
  34. to come back, return
    volver (o-ue)
  35. to sleep
    dormir (o-ue)
  36. to die
    morir (o-ue)
  37. to play
    jugar (u-ue)
  38. to ask for
    pedir (e-i)
  39. to laugh
    reír (e-i)
  40. to repeat
    repetir (e-i)
  41. to follow
    seguir (e-i) (gu-g) before the o and a
  42. to serve
    servir (e-i)
  43. to smile
    sonreír (e-i) (sonrío, sonríes...)
  44. to have fun
    divertirse (e-ie)
  45. to remember
    acordarse de (o-ue)
  46. to refuse
    negarse (e-ie)
  47. to say good-bye
    despedirse (e-i)
  48. to make
    tender (e-ie)
  49. to hang up
    colger (o-ue)
  50. to wash
    fregar (e-ie)
  51. to water
    regar (e-ie)
  52. to recommend
    recomendar (e-ie)
  53. to suggest
    sugerir (e-ie)
  54. to ask, request
    pedir (e-i)
  55. to beg
    rogar (o-ue)
  56. to prevent
    impedir (e-i)

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Stem Changing Verbs
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Spanish stem changing verbs

Los verbos espanoles
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