Biochem lecture 27

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  1. Lipids are hydro____ and are derived from ________. Major functions are:
    • hydrophobic
    • Fatty acids
    • 1) fuel store 2) constitute membranes 3) solubilize nonpolar substance in bodily fluids 4) signaling molecules.
  2. Fatty acids can be saturated or unsaturated (up to 6 double bonds) and have a(n) ______ number of carbon atoms.
    Even, (12-24 carbons most common)
  3. Numbering of fatty acid starts at the _____ end.
  4. On a weight basis, TAG yields _____ times more ATP than pure glycogen.
  5. Surfactants are also known as _____
    Detergents (bile acids)
  6. newly synthesized TAGs are packaged into special lipid rich globules called ______.
  7. VLDL and cylomicrons are hydrolyzed by _________
    lipoprotein lipase.
  8. Hormone sensitive lipase is _______ by insulin
  9. Prolonged fastin liver makes ________, ___________-, and ________.
    • Ketone bodies
    • acetoacetate
    • B-hydroxybutyrate
  10. Fatty acid biosynthesis occurs in the ________ and are made by modification of _________ acid.
    Cytosol, palmitic acid.
  11. Biotin is a ___________ that transfers the CO2 to acetyl CoA to yield __________.
    Coenzyme, malonyl CoA
  12. T/F citrate is an allosteric activator
  13. T/F palmitoyl CoA is an allosteric Activator.
    False, inhibitor
  14. Palmitoyl-ACP is acted on by ______ to produce palmitic acid.
  15. Fatty Acyl synthase
    essential, but not rate limiting.
  16. Fatty acid modifications by palmitate
    • Elongation- ER or Mitochondria
    • Desaturation- ER
    • Hyroxylation- mitochondria
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