emphasis (extreme adj - very)

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  1. drenched/soaked
    very wet
  2. distraught
    vet upset indeed
  3. famished
    very hungry indeed
  4. flabbergasted
    very surprised indeed
  5. parched
    extreamely thirsty
  6. riveting
    very interesting
  7. to sit/stand bolt upright
    to sit/stand with a very stright back
  8. bone idle
    inf. very lazy
  9. dirt cheap
    very cheap
  10. paper thin
    very thin
  11. pitch-black/dark
    completely dark
  12. razor-sharp
    very sharp
  13. red-hot
    very hot
  14. sound/fast asleep
    completely asleep
  15. stone cold
    complete cold
  16. stone deaf
    totally deaf
  17. stuck fast
    stuck very firmly
  18. wide awake
    completely awake
  19. wide open
    completely open
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