BIOCHEM, Gene Regulation

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  1. Introns
    are only found in eukaryotic genes.
  2. The central dogma of biology
    DNA -> RNA -> protein
  3. HDAC
    • stands for histone deacetylase and is responsible
    • for the deacetylation of histones.
  4. HAT
    • Histone acetyltransferase and is responsible for
    • acetylating histones.
  5. Regulation of chromatin structure
    • is achieved through regulating the enzymatic activity
    • of HDAC and HAT.
  6. Transcription Factors
    • control gene expression by regulating or inhibiting
    • gene transcription.
  7. RNA processing
    • consist of capping, splicing, polyadenylation, and
    • RNA editing.
  8. What are the four elements found within an intron?
    • a 5', 3' splice site, branch point, and a
    • polypyrimidine tract.
  9. Can splicing be regulated?
  10. How is splicing regulated?
    • Through the activity of SR proteins and hnRNP
    • proteins.
  11. (True or False) Alternative splicing is a way to
    increase protein diversity.
  12. (True or False) When iron levels are low, ferritin
    mRNA is less stable.
  13. (True or False) When iron levels are high, Ferritin
    mRNA has a longer half-life.
  14. (True or False) When iron levels are low, TfR
    (transferrin receptor) mRNA has a short-half life.
  15. (True or False) When iron levels are high, TfR
    mRNA is less stable.
  16. (True or False) Nonsense mediated decay is a
    pathway for regulating RNA degradation.
  17. Prader-Willi Syndrome
    • results from a paternal deletion of chromosome 15
    • q11-q13.
  18. Angleman syndrome
    • results from a maternal deletion of chromosome 15
    • q11-q13.
  19. DNA methylation commonly occurs in:
    GC rich regions of the promoter.
  20. (True or False) DNA methylation is method of
    turning off gene expression.
  21. A prokaryotic operon consist of:
    a promoter and structural genes.
  22. (True or False) Transcription and Translation in
    Prokaryotic organisms are coupled?
  23. (True or False) In prokaryotes, a repressor is
    responsible for inhibiting gene expression.
  24. HDAC will inactivate or activate gene expression.
  25. HAT will inactivate or activate gene expression.
  26. What is the amino acid that is specifically acetylated
    by HAT.
  27. The conversion of C to U in Apoprotein produces:
    Apo B48
  28. A message that is not properly spliced will most
    likely be:
    degraded by the NMD pathway.
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