figure 17 max branch

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  1. the meningeal nerve innervates (1):
    dura of the brain
  2. the zygomaticaotemporal nerve innervates (1):
    temporal skin
  3. the zygomaticofacial nerve innervates (1):
    skin of the cheek
  4. what nerve passes through the inferior orbital fissure?
    zygomaticofacial nerve
  5. the infraorbital nerve innervates (4):
    • lower eyelid
    • cheek
    • side of nose
    • upper lip
  6. the anterior superior alveolar nerve (ASA) innervates (1):
    maxillary anterior teeth
  7. the nasopalatine nerve innervates (1):
    maxillary anterior teeth
  8. the greater palatine nerve innervates (1):
    hard palate
  9. the middle superior alveolar nerve innervates (2):
    • maxillary premolars
    • mesiobuccal root of first molars
  10. what nerve may or may not be present?
  11. the posterior superior alveolar nerve innervates (1):
    maxillary molars
  12. the lesser palatine nerve innervates (1):
    soft palate
  13. 12-13 branches, the arteries communicating keep you alive if you have a stroke:
    circle of willis
  14. don't hit which nerve? you want to numb the asa and msa
    infraorbital nerve (IO)
  15. what are ganglions?
    relay stations
  16. which nerve will numb the ASA gingiva?
    nasopalatine nerve
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maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve
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