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  1. to be bored
    estar aburrido
  2. to be boring
    ser aburrido
  3. to be good
    ser bueno
  4. to be attentive
    estar bueno
  5. to be clever
    ser listo
  6. to be ready
    estar listo
  7. to be bad
    ser malo
  8. to be ill
    estar malo
  9. to be conceited, vain
    ser orgulloso
  10. to be vain
    estar orgulloso
  11. to be pale complected
    ser palido
  12. to be pale
    estar palido
  13. to be rich
    ser rico
  14. to be tasty
    estar rico
  15. to be safe
    ser seguro
  16. to be certain
    estar seguro
  17. to be old
    ser viejo
  18. to look old
    estar viejo
  19. to be sharp
    ser vivo
  20. to be alive
    estar vivo
  21. it is...(i.e. current date)
    estar a ____
  22. estar a punto de
    to be just about to...
  23. estar de acuerdo (con)...
    to agree with...
  24. estar para...
    to be about to...
  25. estar por...
    to be in favor of...
  26. estar conforme (con)...
    to be in agreement with...
  27. estar de vacación
    to be on vacation
  28. estar de vuelta
    to be back
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