Age of Exploration 1

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  1. Migration
    People moving from the old world to the new world.
  2. Tabacco
    Impact on Europe: The colony of Virgina was built on it.
  3. Sugar
    Impact on America: Sugar platations in the Caribbean.
  4. Potato
    Impact on Europe: Can be grown in cold regions.
  5. Coffee
    Impact on the Americas: Coffee plantations in Brazil and Colombia.
  6. Grains
    Impact on the Americas: Wheatfields in the U.S. midwest.
  7. Maize
    Impact on Europe: Can be grown in dry regions.
  8. Columbian Exchange
    A curltural trade between the old world and the new world.
  9. Staple food in Africa
    Maize and Peanuts
  10. What caused a population explotion in Europe?
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