English Journal Entry 1 Vocab

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  1. Cumbersome
    Burdonsome, troublesome
  2. Unprocurable
    unable to get possession of
  3. Niggling
    bothersome, persistent
  4. Malignant
    evil in nature
  5. Guise
    style of dress, costume
  6. Stagnant
    Standing still, not advancing
  7. Effigies
    a figure representing a hated person
  8. Mutability
    inconstant, capable of change
  9. Pathos
    an emotion of sympathetic pitty
  10. Remonstrative
    an ernest presentation of reasons for opposition
  11. Multifarious
    having great variety, diverse
  12. Proliferate
    to increase in number rapidly
  13. Aquiline
    curving like an eagles beak, resembling an eagle
  14. Stratum
    layers, levels in an ordered system
  15. Balminess
    soothing, mild (weather)
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