P.T.C. - Heavy Equipment Operations Trade Terms Quiz (Module 2)

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  1. 1. A _____ is a person specially trained to direct traffic through and around a work zone.
  2. 2. Cones, barrels, or markers that are used to move traffic from its normal lane to a desired lane are known as _____.
    Channeling devices
  3. 3. The _____ is the point where all of an object’s weight is evenly distributed.
    Center of gravity
  4. 4. The devices and plan used to safely divert traffic when the normal use of the road is disrupted by construction are called _____.
    Temporary Traffic Control (TTC)
  5. 5. An area in which two moving equipment parts come together is known as a _____.
    Pinch point
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P.T.C. - Heavy Equipment Operations Trade Terms Quiz (Module 2)

Trade Terms Quiz Questions (and answers,) for the Heavy Equipment Operations program offered through Pennsylvania Training Consultants (P.T.C.) -Module (Chapter) 2
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