Chapter 8

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  1. Transfer of DNA from a donor to a recipient cell by bacteriophage
  2. Transfer of DNA from a donor to a recipient as naked DNA in solution
  3. feedback inhibition differs from repression because feedback inhibition
    stops the action of preexisting enzymes
  4. bacteria can azquire antibiotic resistance by all of the following except
  5. suppose you inoculate three flasks of minimal salts broth with E. coli. Flask A contains glucose. Flask B contains glucose and Lactose. Flask C contains lactose. After a few hours of incubation you test the flasks for the presence of beta galactosidase. which flask do you think will have this enzyme.
    A and B
  6. Plasmids differ from transposons because plasmids
    are self-replicated outside the chromosome
  7. mechanism by which the presence of glucose inhibits the lac operon
    catabolite repression
  8. the mechanism by which lactose controls the lac operon
  9. two daughter cells are most likely to inherit wich one of the following from the parent cell?
    a change in a nucleotide in DNA
  10. which of the following is not a method of horizontal gene transfer
    binary fission
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