Plant Biology

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  1. What are the two types of primary roots systems?
    tap root (dicot) and fiberous root(monocot)
  2. What is an adventitious root?
    any root growing off any sturcture other than another root
  3. how many cells make up a root hair?
  4. what is pith?
    usually composed of storage parenchyma cells and lies at the center of many stems, inside the cylinder of vascular tissues.
  5. Do you find pith in the roots of dicots or monocots?
    found in monocots
  6. what is the function of the endodermis?
    special role that controls the accumlation of minerals in the root.
  7. Branch (lateral) roots divide from the?
    pericycle tissue
  8. what is gthe name for the first root which appears form the seed?
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