Histo- Integument

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  1. Specialized Skin Structures include (3):
    • Hoof
    • Horn
    • Claws
  2. Skin appendages include (3):
    • Hair Follicles
    • Sweat Glands
    • Sebacsous Glands
  3. Epithelium of the epidermis
    Keratinized, Stratified Squamous
  4. Layers of the Epidermis (6, Outter-Inner):
    • Stratum Disjunction
    • Stratum Corneum
    • Stratum Lucidum
    • Stratum Granulosum
    • Stratum Spinosum
    • Stratum Basal
  5. Stratum Germinativum =
    • Stratum Basale
    • Stratum Spinosum
  6. Which layer are melanocytes located in?
    Stratum Basale
  7. Epidermal layers that are dividing
    • Stratum Germinativum
    • (Stratum Basale & Stratum Spinosum)
  8. What structure is responsible for finger prints?
    Dermal Papillae
  9. Which layer is found only in hairless skin
    Stratum Lucidum
  10. Which epidermal layers have dead cells?
    • Stratus Corneum
    • Stratum Disjunction
  11. Layers of the Dermis (2):
    • Papillary Layer
    • Reticular Layer
  12. Tissue type within the Dermal papillary layer:
    Loose CT
  13. Tissue type within the Dermal Reticular Layer:
    • *Dense Irregular CT
  14. Tissue types within the Hypodermis (3):
    • Collagen Fibers
    • Elastic Fibers
    • Panniculus Adiposus
  15. Parts of the Hair Follicle (interal - external)
    • Hair Bulb
    • Hair Root
    • Hair Shaft
  16. What contains BVs and nerves, just below hair follicle
    Dermal Papillae
  17. Layers of the Hair Shaft:
    • Cuticle
    • Cortex
    • Medulla
  18. Which layer of the hair shaft can be used for medicolegal purposes?
  19. Basic Layers of the Hair Follicle (6)? (Outter-Inner)
    • CT Sheath
    • External Root Sheath
    • Internal Root Sheath Cuticle
    • Cuticle
    • Cortex
    • Medulla
  20. Dividing hair cells are located within the _____
    Hair Matrix
  21. What makes hair stand up?
    Arrector Pilli Muscle
  22. How are tactile hairs a risk for bacterial infection?
    They have a blood filled sinus btw. inner and outer layer of the dermal sheath
  23. What is attached the outter sheat of tactile hair follicles?
    *Skeletal Muscle (=> Voluntary Control)
  24. Sebaceous Glands Associated w/ hair?
    Glands in hairless areas?
    • Hair: pilosebaceous
    • Hairless: Holocrine
  25. Sebaceous Glands are classified as:
    Simple or Compound Alverolar
  26. Sweat Gland release modes:
    • Apocrine
    • Merocrine
  27. Which type of sweat gland is Simple Coiled Tubular?
  28. Which type of sweat gland is Simple Tubular
  29. Where are apocrine glands found?
    Horse sweat glands
  30. Where are merocine glands found (3)?
    • Pads of dogs and cats
    • Bovine Planum Nasolabial
    • Caral Glands in swine
  31. Importance of bovine planum nasolabial glands (2)?
    • Equivilant to human finger print
    • Indication of good health
  32. What type of gland is a mammary gland?
    Compound Tubulo-Alveolar
  33. What mammary cells contract in reponse to oxytocin for the letdown of milk?
  34. Cell type in the mammary...
    Intralobular Duct:
    Interlobular Duct:
    Lactiferous Duct:
    Teat Sinus/Papillary Duct:
    • Intralobular Duct: Simple Cuboidal
    • Interlobular Duct: Stratified Cuboidal
    • Lactiferous Duct: Stratified Cuboidal
    • Teat Sinus/Papillary Duct: Stratified Squamous
  35. Milk Micelles are produced by _____
  36. What structures are made up of Hard Keratin (3)?
    • Horse hooves
    • Cornual Horns
    • Claws/Nails
  37. Extra layer found in footpad?
    Stratum Lucidum
  38. Tubular and intertubular horn make up (2):
    • Chesnut
    • Ergot
  39. Layers of horse hoof (5):
    • Stratum Externum
    • Stratum Medium
    • Primary Lamina
    • Secondary Lamina
    • Bone

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