Verbos Reflexivos

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  1. Banarse
    To Bath Yourself
  2. Vestirse
    Drees Yourself
  3. Afeitarse
    Shave Yourself
  4. Peinarse
    Comb Yourself
  5. Devestirse
    Undress Yourself
  6. Maquillarse
    Make up yourself
  7. Verse
    See Yourself
  8. Inseribirse
    Enroll Yourself
  9. Mecerse
    Rock Yourself
  10. Ponerse
    Put on Yourself
  11. Limpiarse
    Clean/Wipe Yourself
  12. Quitarse
    Remove Youeself
  13. Pintarse
    Paint Yourself
  14. Cepillarse/Peinararse
    Brush Yourself
  15. Cortarse
    Cut Yourself
  16. Lavarse
    Wash Yourself
  17. Acostarse
    Go to Bed
  18. Sentarse
    Sit Down
  19. Levantarse
    Get Up
  20. Domirse
    Fall a Sleep
  21. Despertarse
    Wake Up
  22. Enfermarse
    Get Sick
  23. Enijarse
    Get Angry
  24. Preocuparse
    Be Worried
  25. Alegrarse
    Be Happy
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