History of Jazz Ch. 7-8

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  1. Where did bebop start?
    Jam sessions at Minton's Playhouse.
  2. Characteristics of bebop:
    • Extreme tempos
    • Smaller combo ensemble
    • Complex chord changes
    • Mostly soloing, short head of tune
  3. Salt Peanuts:
    Dizzy Gillespie
  4. Dizzy Gillespie:
    • Very smart
    • Short attention span
    • Very forceful sound
    • Got into Brazilian/Afro-Cuban music
  5. Manteca:
    Dizzy Gillespie– starts with congas
  6. Charlie Parker:
    • Alto sax
    • Drug addict (heroin)
    • Uses a lot of notes outside of scale
    • Short life (dies at 34)
  7. Koko:
    Charlie Parker– fast brushes at beginning, sticks at solo
  8. Thelonius Monk:
    • Piano
    • A lot of dissonance
    • Not very fast playing
    • Not friendly or outgoing, quiet
    • A lot of attack on notes
  9. Rhythm A Ning:
    Thelonius Monk– heavy attack on piano notes, tons of dissonant chords
  10. Bud Powell:
    Piano (made weird moaning sounds when playing)
  11. Kenny Clark's instrument
  12. Sarah Vaughn:
    Vocals, very low voice
  13. Eddie Jefferson:
    Perfected vocalese
  14. Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross
    Bop vocal ensemble
  15. Night in Tunisia:
    Bud Powell– weird noises when playing piano
  16. Bud Powell played with ________'s phrasing
    Charlie Parker's phrasing
  17. Scrapple from the Apple:
    Charlie Parker– long strings of notes on alto sax (not taking a breath for a long time)
  18. First most important post-bop group
    Miles Davis Nonet
  19. Boplicity:
    Miles Davis Nonet– full sound (tuba and French horn included), weird chords, relaxed sound, no dynamics
  20. Arranger for Miles Davis Nonet
    Gil Evans
  21. Characteristics of Cool Jazz
    • Medium tempos
    • Emphasis on arrangement
    • little to no blues influence, classical influence
    • no dynamic contrast
  22. Combining classical and jazz=
    Third Stream
  23. Django:
    Modern Jazz Quartet– drums, bass, vibes and piano, prelude-sounding
  24. Modern Jazz Quartet personnel:
    • Piano: John Lewis
    • Vibes: Milt Jackson
    • Drums: Kenny Clarke
    • Bass: Percy Heath
  25. Line for Lyons:
    Chet Baker (trumpet)/Gerry Mulligan (bari sax)– brushes on drums, NO PIANO, trumpet and sax playing melody together
  26. Cool/West Coast Jazz groups:
    • Modern Jazz Quartet
    • Dave Brubeck
    • Miles Davis Nonet
    • Stan Getz
  27. Bossa Nova came from
    Brazil (South America)
  28. Corcovado:
    Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto– Portugese!!
  29. Hard Bop:
    Return to blues and gospel
  30. Who were the main leaders in The Jazz Messengers?
    • Horace Silver: piano
    • Art Blakey: drums
  31. Moanin':
    Jazz Messengers– call and response, swing/shuffle
  32. Doodlin':
    Jazz Messengers– horns repeat 3/4 ostinato in 4/4, call and response with piano
  33. St. Thomas:
    Sonny "the titan" Rollins– tenor sax, starts with drum groove on toms, solo starts with repeating 2 notes
  34. Clifford Brown:
    Clean (no drugs), played trumpet, killed in car crash
  35. Charles Mingus
    bass, civil rights activist with music
  36. Freddie Freeloader:
    Miles Davis Sextet– piano has melody
  37. So What:
    Miles Davis Sextet: long intro, bass with melody
  38. Who influenced Miles Davis for modal composing on Kind of Blue?
    Bill Evans (WITH A B!!!)
  39. Personnel on Kind of Blue:
    • Miles Davis: trumpet
    • John Coaltrain: tenor sax
    • Cannonball Adderly: alto sax
    • Paul Chambers: bass
    • Jimmy Cobb: drums
  40. My Funny Valentine:
    Sarah Vaughn– beautiful, lyrical, super low female voice
  41. Sarah Vaughn's nickname
    The Divine One
  42. Stan Getz's style of music
    Bossa Nova
  43. Desafinado:
    Stan Getz– moderato bossa, plays dotted quarter pattern on claves or cowbell....

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